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Environmental Initiatives

Basic principle

As a trading company specializing in the import, export, and domestic sales of chemicals and natural raw materials, etc., Azuchi Sangyo Co., Ltd. aims to be an earth-conscious company through raising awareness regarding activities that reduce the burden on the global environment, by deepening each constituent member’s own expertise and establishing external communication positively by means of the internet, websites, etc.

Basic policy

  • 1. We strive to achieve the maximum reduction of global environmental impact caused by conducting business activities.
  • 2. We strive to preferentially deal in raw materials and products that are friendly to the global environment.
  • 3. We strive to establish an environmental management system to be environment-friendly on a global scale, utilize resources effectively, and reduce waste.
  • 4. We observe environment-related laws, regulations, and requirements including customer requirements that we agreed to.
  • 5. We set group environmental goals and targets in our company, improve the environmental management system continuously, and strive to reduce the burden on the global environment, in order to achieve this environmental policy.
  • 6. We disseminate this basic policy to all who work with us or for us and make it available to the public through our website.

Established on November 1, 2006
Revised on July 7, 2022